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    • angelfacewitch asked a question 2 days ago
      angelfacewitch head canon that i'm pretty sure will happen: Bonnie's doing the spell to get them back, but Damon doesn't know it could kill her and she's coughing up blood and Damon realizes what's happening and makes her stop pulling her close. Bonnie talks about how she has to bring him back to Elena and Stefan and Damon says he won't let her die and he'll do everything to find a way where Bonnie doesn't have to die



      Yeah, you’re right, there’s no way Damon would let Bonnie sacrifice herself. I hope it doesn’t really come to that, because Damon’s one of the few people who Bonnie cares about but doesn’t go all sacrificial lamb for. But at the same time, it would be great to see someone call her out on that and say that it isn’t okay, that they can’t allow her to do it.

      My current theory kind of dovetails on that, though I don’t know if the sacrifice would be intentional or if Kai would somehow separate them… I’ve been resisting these rumors floating around that Damon will make it back but Bonnie won’t, but… if that were to happen, it would be a perfect culmination to all the past moments where Damon frantically tries to save Bonnie.

      Because those moments were never truly commented upon. We got the “I think he actually kinda loves her” but it kinda hung there all by itself, not distinctly connected to his actions over the course of the six seasons.

      So if Damon makes it back without Bonnie and is now completely flipping out, trying to get her back too, it’s in perfect parallel with his past actions but with the added kicker that they’ve just spent all this time being inseparable, and developing a deeper and deeper bond, and that this time he was involved in the badness that has put her in trouble, that he left her behind when that’s the one thing he compulsively is unable to do.

      And that means that this time they can’t bury the follow up. This time they have to give us resolution. No more bringing Bonnie back and then them not interacting for 6 episodes.

      At the same time, they’ll be having the DE angst as Damon discovers that Elena now thinks he’s a soulless monster. She’ll get her memories back eventually, but I feel like the damage will be done. Because Damon will see/believe that without Elena’s feelings for him, at the heart of things, she believes he is nothing more than a monster.

      And yes, in reality it’s more complicated than that, but as someone whose defining insecurity is a feeling that he’s irredeemable, unlovable… I can see him coming to the understanding that this is why their relationship was so fraught, that this is why she felt the constant need to rationalize and defend him. Because if she didn’t layer all those defenses on top of his actions, she’d have to call him a homicidal lost cause, and how could she be in love with that?

      But there’s one person who, even when believing him to be a homicidal maniac, never believed him to be a lost cause. Someone who told him that “there’s always a choice.”

      And here I get book!bamon feels because that guilt is a key part of what made Damon’s struggle to save Bonnie in the Dark!Dimension such a compelling arc. And you know Damon would feel guilt if he made it through and somehow she didn’t, if he somehow showed up without Bonnie. You know he’d be panicking that this time he won’t be able to fix it, that he’s cut it too fine this time. That he’s lost the one person in the world who saw redemption within him all along.

      So if he was a wildman in his attempts to save her in the past, imagine what he’d be like now.

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    • foxmonkey reblogged a text post 2 days ago
      So there’s a rumor that Damon will come back first and he and Elena will go back for Bonnie


      And yea this kind of worries me because, what are they even doing back together again? But then I think about what this means. Like before, if Bonnie was in trouble or needed help, Damon would help her with the excuse that it’s for Elena. But I think this time, Damon will rescue Bonnie for himself and for Bonnie herself (this time it will be more obvious than last season’s “bringing Bonnie back” plot). I don’t think he would use Elena as an excuse now because he admitted he cares about Bonnie. Especially after she saved him from Kai and God only knows what she will do with her magic to bring him back to MF and keep herself in 1994 (or if Kai has her). So I don’t even know what Damon and Elena’s dynamic will be like now since Damon has changed and his relationship with Bonnie has changed. Like it feels like Elena is just tagging along with him. So I wonder if she tags along because she wants to save Bonnie and doesn’t remember her love for Damon, or because she does remember and the narrative just wants to push them back together again… It’s frustrating because I really want to hope that the writers will take a chance on Bamon and dump this DE storyline that went stale seasons ago. But at least I feel good about Damon actually rescuing Bonnie. If anything it could be developing their relationship even more. What do you guys think?

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      Officially done with this show. Nope. Nope. Stop watching now. Tired of this shit. So Damon returns early and then brings Elena to get Bonnie? Fuck this shit. Are you fucking kidding me?

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      New Orleans (17/10/14)

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      I’m going to go there. I’m going to talk about this. Because I couldn’t have been the only person yesterday who noticed the physicality of Damon and Bonnie’s argument. And it bothered me. It bothered me because I liked it. And I was mad at myself for liking it. Because I can’t like abuse. And I don’t like abuse. Because if I did, I would have shipped the left side of this gifset. So why was it that Bonnie and Damon’s argument made me feel things about this show and these characters that I never thought would resurface ever again? It’s because there’s a difference in these two sets of characters. One of these is abuse where there is a clear abuser and a clear victim, and the other one is passion where there are two people who are feeling anger, desperation, hopelessness, betrayal, hurt, rage and love all mixed into one huge unadulterated slab of emotion. But it’s more than just knowing the difference. Damon shoved Bonnie, Bonnie shoved Damon. They are both willing participants. They are both equal. There is no victim. No one is taking advantage of a weaker person. Bonnie and Damon are both equally responsible for the shit that they are handing to one another. But it’s not even that really. It’s the fact that when she shoves him, Damon is physically affected by it. But he’s stronger than her, isn’t he? He’s a vampire. He can hold his ground. And yet, when she hits him, he stumbles back from the force of her blow. Do you notice how that doesn’t happen in the first gifset? And it’s not because Damon is any less strong with Bonnie. It is literally only because DAMON IS LETTING HER. Damon is LETTING HER SHOVE HIM. Damon is LETTING HER GET HER ANGER OUT. Damon is LETTING HER FEEL THAT EMOTION. And Damon is AFFECTED BY HER EMOTION. There are no words on the left side. But there are words on the right. It’s for a reason. It’s because Damon is actually LISTENING to what Bonnie is saying and he’s internalizing it. And that stumble that he takes when she shoves him isn’t because of the blow from her physical strength. It’s because of the blow from her WORDS. Because HE CARES. He cares that he’s hurting her. He cares that she’s near tears. Her words are getting to him so much that he doesn’t have time to build up his vamp abilities or showcase a macho display of strength. He’s too taken with the truth that she is dishing out to him. And it’s always been this way. Bonnie’s words have ALWAYS affected Damon, but this scene. This scene is everything. He’s angry at her when he shoves her. He’s agitated. He’s frustrated. But how is Bonnie even able to make him feel that? Because he feels absolutely nothing on the left. Not one care. Not one regret. Not one concern. But with Bonnie, there is actual, genuine regret. There is sincere concern for her. Because Bonnie is his EQUAL. I said it all the way back in Season Two. That Damon has UNCONSCIOUSLY accepted Bonnie as his equal. And it couldn’t be any clearer than these two scenes placed side by side. That is why his guard is down with her. That is why her words get to him. That is why she makes him angry and remorseful. That is why he stumbles back when she hits him. Because he chose her as his equal. MENTALLY, PHYSICALLY AND EMOTIONALLY. Damon chose Bonnie as his equal. So he can’t stand there and let her fist hit his rock hard chest while he is unaffected and doesn’t give a shit. No. Her shove will hurt him. Her words will hurt him. Her pain will hurt him. Because she is his match. His equal. So those words and that pain is a direct CHALLENGE for him. Do you see the challenge on the left side? Can you see the challenge? Where is it? It’s not there. I say again, as I said way back in Season Two. Damon may be in love with Elena. But he has already unconciously chosen Bonnie as his soulmate. So keep on bringing Delena. Because it will never amount to what Bonnie and Damon are to each other. And because, I too don’t mind a challenge ;)

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      She didn’t just “let him bleed” though. As soon as she could, she called the Scoobies to let them know where he was (and that he’d been tortured and was bleeding), and then Stefan came to get him. If Bonnie hadn’t hipped the group to Damon’s location, he (theoretically) could have been killed. I think I’d put that in the “Bonnie saved Damon” column.

      Also, I loved that Damon said her name when he saw her…

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      You’re not alone. ::cries::

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      They all give different estimations. Can someone please explain this?


      The numbers are all over the place.

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